On A Clear Day You Can See Forever

I attended a wedding recently. On a bright and sunny Saturday morning, I ventured out on a beautiful drive to Pacific City with my husband and mother-in-law to witness one of our favorite niece’s wedding celebration. The setting was idyllic, the weather was perfect, and the wedding was beautiful. End of story… (Well, not quite).

Wendy and her new husband Jeremiah (Miah) met about two years ago and many of us knew from the start that he was the one for her. They both have an amazing love for the outdoors and for things that go fast. Wendy’s 5-year old son Noah bonded quickly and deeply with Jeremiah while Wendy and Miah’s love and respect for each other grew in leaps and bounds from the start.

Wendy is an “outdoor” girl who has always chosen comfort over style when it comes to fashion. A sweatshirt and jeans was about as dressed up as I’d ever seen her. Imagine my surprise when an elegant and beautiful bride dressed in satin and lace with her hair done in cascading ringlets began her walk down the aisle to meet her future husband.

As I often do at weddings, I sneaked a peek at the groom while the beautiful bride was making her way down the aisle. I was not surprised to see a huge smile on Miah’s face as he wiped a tear from his eye.

The wedding was very much a family affair with sister, cousins, brothers, and friends making up the wedding party. The flower girls were adorable. The ring bearers (one of which was Wendy’s son Noah) were so handsome and cute you just wanted to reach out and squeeze them. There were a few unique and non-traditional twists in the ceremony that were creative, fun, authentic, and endearing. The entire event was a joyful celebration of love and commitment, surrounded by family and friends.

I found myself wondering if Jesus did his first miracle at a wedding as a trailer for the blockbuster release of Heaven – as an appetizer for the wedding feast to come. Those of us who know God through faith in Christ will all be in heaven someday - surrounded by family and friends, brothers and sisters in Christ who believe the good news that Jesus is the way to God and life eternal.

I know Wendy and Miah believe this and will pass this heritage of eternal life on to Noah and their new daughter, Jaycee. What a blessing to know that deep, abiding fellowship and joyful celebration not unlike Wendy and Miah’s special day in Pacific City will be never ending in Gods eternal kingdom.