Angel in Red Capris

Do you believe in angels?

I’m not talking about elegant, feminine creatures with beautiful wings or porcelain figurines you find in a gift shop. I’m talking about real angels - the kind that look like you and me.

When I was nine, my mother took me and my younger brother and sister to my dad’s logging site. After a family picnic lunch, my parents gave us permission to play by a nearby creek where they could keep an eye on us. It didn’t take us long to “wander” upstream and away from the creek. Before we knew it, we were lost. Try as I might, I had no sense of the way back to the creek – and to my parents.

It was then that I noticed a lady in red capris coming toward us. She stopped and motioned us to follow her. I remember shouting that we were lost and asking if she knew the way back to my dad’s logging camp. She nodded, “yes” and motioned again for us to follow her.

Before too long, I heard my mother’s frantic voice screaming our names. When I saw her I smiled and began to run. After the quick hugs and stern lecture, I turned to thank the lady in the red capris for helping us but she was no where to be found.

Years later, when recalling the incident at a family gathering, my mother looked at me in disbelief. I will never forget her words. “Are you crazy? There was no one on that path but you kids,”

“But I know the lady in the red capris was there,” I said. “We followed her back. She was walking right in front of us the whole time.”

God is like that, isn’t he? He walks in front and beside and behind - and sometimes he sends an angel in red capris.


Renee November 17, 2009  

I love this story. I totally believe in every day, ordinary angels (in red capris). Sometimes at night when my husband is out of town and I feel vulnerable in the secluded location of our house, I ask the Lord that he post angels at all the corners of our house to guard and watch over me and our girls. I am always at peace and go to sleep easily knowing they are there.

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