The Present

I have a long time friend named Linda. She started out as my secret pal (see blog post dated 11/24/09) and ended up as one of my best friends. How did that happen? Glad you asked.

Fun and laughter were always a big part of our friendship. I was drawn to her warmth and friendliness. She taught me how to make covered photo albums and invited me to tea parties when her girls were young. She gave me a surprise baby shower when I was pregnant with my daughter.

Linda cried with me when the doctor told me I had cancer - when he advised me to have an abortion or face a swift and certain death due to the rapidly spreading malignancy. She stood beside me when I decided to disregard the doctor’s advice and rejoiced with me when my healthy baby daughter was born. She cared for my daughter six weeks later when I had surgery to remove the cancer that had not spread as predicted.

After my surgery, I was in the hospital missing my newborn baby daughter when Linda came to visit. She entered my room, walked up to the bed, and leaned down to whisper in my ear, “Don’t tell anybody, but I brought you a present.” Then she reached into her exceptionally large purse and handed me a small bundle of joy all wrapped in a fuzzy pink blanket. Linda spent the next twenty minutes “standing guard” at the door while I held my precious baby daughter in my arms and thanked God for my wonderful friend.

Life is sometimes good, sometimes not so good, and occasionally downright awful. But God is faithful. He sees us through every situation and sometimes puts special people like Linda in our lives to remind us how much He loves and cares for us.

Do you have a Linda in your life? I hope so.


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