A Childs Fascination

I watched my eight month old grandson yesterday while my daughter and her husband moved into their new house. I watched him playing on our living room rug and noticed he kept putting his hand up and grasping at the air.

Suddenly it occurred to me that he was trying to catch the sunlight as it shone through the slats of the blinds. He was mesmerized by the sun beams and would try to catch them in his hands over and over. I watched him do this for quite some time and noticed the various expressions that crossed his face – expressions of wonder, curiosity, and delight.

The simplicity of his fascination intrigued me. It prompted me to ask myself what evoked a sense of wonder, curiosity and delight from me. I came up with a list of questions that made me think.

Wonder - Am I filled with a sense of awe and wonder when God shines his light into the window of my heart? Do I reach out to grasp the light? Do I even notice it?

Curiosity - Am I curious about how God’s shining presence will affect my day? Do I look for the shimmering glimpse of truth or sudden flash of insight his word may have for me?

Delight - Do I expectantly anticipate the great joy that comes when God reveals himself to me? Do I delight myself in him and commit to walk in the light of his word every day?

Most of my answers fell into the “sometimes but not enough” category. I decided to follow my grandson’s example and to be more intentional about reaching for the light. How about you?

And speaking of my grandson, that’s a pretty good list of questions from someone who can’t even talk yet, don’t you think?

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart ~ Psalm 37:4


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