Step of Faith

With her mind in a fog, the doctor’s word’s hung like a cloud over her head. She had always been healthy, strong, independent – and now this? After two weeks and many tests, the results were conclusive. My mother had osteoporosis.

The airplane tickets to Mexico were non-refundable and all of her ‘snow-bird’ friends were expecting her. She wanted to go, but could she navigate the hazardous streets of Puerto Vallarta without Dad’s arm to steady her – especially now when the consequences of a fall would be devastating?

Mom and Dad had “wintered” in Puerto Vallarta for years. They had many friends there. But she had always had Dad’s strong arm to steady her. They always held hands or walked arm in arm and Mom felt loved and protected. But now after Dad’s passing, she needed his protection and he was gone. Falling accidents were very common in Puerto Vallarta and she was fragile. Without Dad at her side, the risks were significant.

After much prayer and many encouraging telephone calls from friends in Mexico, Mom decided to take a bold step of faith and travel alone. She saw this as an important milestone and another step in the right direction toward healing after Dad’s unexpected death.

She spent five weeks with different friends in Mexico and the trip went well. This was a meaningful time of healing. God answered her prayers and she successfully avoided the many possible “falling” hazards she encountered. Her confidence in God’s protection increased and the fear that initially paralyzed her steadily subsided.

She spent several days with one couple at their luxurious villa overlooking the sunny beaches of the Pacific Ocean. The villa was very large and spacious with external steps leading up several levels both inside and out.

One morning she was walking up the steps from the pool to the back deck. As she climbed the steps, the door bell rang. She stopped at the small landing halfway up the stairs to give her friend time to answer the door.

She gazed at the magnificent ocean view for a few minutes and somehow forgot that she was already partway up the stairs. As she ‘wandered’ back toward the pool, she suddenly found herself stepping off the landing into thin air. She realized she was falling and knew she was in trouble. The word, “shattered” flashed across her mind. Knowing she was at risk of serious injury, she silently asked God to protect her.

No sooner had she whispered that prayer of the mind, than she found herself standing straight up on both feet at the bottom of the stairs. Stepping off the landing as she had, it was virtually impossible for her to have landed on her feet.

She later told us it was as if someone had literally picked her up, straightened her out, and then carefully stood her upright on the deck below. She looked up at the landing from which she had fallen and realized that she had experienced a miracle. As she regained her composure and started back up the steps again the words of Psalm 91:11 ran through her mind.

For he will command his angels concerning you; to guard you in all your ways. ~ Psalm 90:11


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